Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   May 26

Courageous ANZACs

An urgent message sent out for Australians asking them to come,

Learn to fight for their country ‘til the battle is won,

Men from the city and those from the outback,

To be taught by the army, the speciality of armed combat.


Personnel so eager to partake in this senseless bloody war,

Proud, loyal and true, they were trained to attack and more,

Fully equipped, all soldiers sharp and keen,

Working with Kiwi’s, they became a strong-minded team.


Later on, travelling over land then by sea,

To an unknown war torn shore named Gallipoli.

Hidden out of sight in a filthy, dirty, muddy trench,

Sweaty unwashed bodies added to the stench.


Sending out scouts to find a better, dryer place,

Sneaking back quietly, they told the Sergeant this one had a lot more space.

Stealth was the answer, they marched silently on,

The Germans raided their haven, they found they were gone.


Sending in troops, handpicked, the army’s elite,

First ones to capture a large German platoon knew it was a victorious defeat.

With great determination, Klaus told the prisoners, he’d find a way,

For all of them to escape, that same day.


Klaus smashed the lock, it was a really flimsy one,

Out of the camp they went on the run.

The guard posted on duty went to check on his foe,

Horrified to find empty cells and wondering which way they’d go.


An encounter with the Sergeant, who roared and yelled at him,

How could he be so witless, careless and dim?

Sergeant Ryan, stretched to his limit, yet some soldiers must be sent,

The Australian and New Zealander soldiers must find the POWs before sunset.


Searching everywhere, high and low,

Eureka! We’ve found them, back to the hideout we’ll go.

Months went by, would this war never end?

Losing your mates and many a close friend.


Some had to struggle to be even stronger,

Everyone hoped this stinking war wouldn’t last much longer.

Oakes, our genius wireless operator gave a blood curdling yell,

The war is over; let’s get out of this rotten place called hell.


Padre Miller said, “Please be silent a moment so I can pray!

We will remember those who cannot be with us today!

Those soldiers paid the ultimate price, now they are gone.”

After spending time thinking of them, they moved on.


Freedom! “The word changed the atmosphere,

Relief chased away the doubts and fear,

War and fighting banished at last,

Putting behind them tragedies from the past.


As they were all dismounting every man sized tent,

Into the desert scouts once more were sent,

Coming back in shock, frightened by what they had seen,

Sergeant Ryan questioned his top secret team.


In a hidden valley not far from here,

Eighty German soldiers ready to go somewhere,

Evan, one of the Sergeant’s scouts had a devious plan,

Watching their hideout, he found a greedy German.


Bribing this ever-willing, double agent guard,

Giving over the secrets to Evan wasn’t too hard,

Shaken by what the horrific news was about,

Heinz boldly told each one and every shocked scout.


Klaus trained an efficient German team,

Coming up with a wicked, evil scheme,

He and his devilish men set a disastrous trap,

A bomb would ensure the enemy would be demolished on that track.


Heinz said, “The money would be easy to hide,”

No-one could know he had worked for the other side,

The Sergeant had to find a way to miss the attack,

His mind recalled a disused shack.


It was built near a ginormous sand dune,

Determined to escape the impending doom,

Hurrying and ordering his platoon around,

This way was shorter, they would be homeward bound.


Let me dare you to listen to this true story I must tell,

Of wounded soldiers snatched from a fiery hell,

Fractured limbs, broken spirits to mend,

Fighting for their lives in a callous dirty war to the bitter end.


On stretchers and with crutches to the hospital they came,

Desolate, crying, with bodies in intensive pain,

Theatre staff, sickened by the blood covered men,

Sent by the medics to perform miracles again.


Nurses were warm hearted, Aussies and Kiwi’s too,

Being near death they helped them break through,

Giving out medications for pain and trauma relief,

Anne was always busy, rushed off her feet.


Challenges beckoned her; she took up the task and carried them through,

This brilliant nurse encouraged all, her caring and kindness shone from her too,

Though she had little time, she’d helped new nurses on her ward,

Anne loved helping others, this was her reward.


Surprise! Surprise! Alex heard Devon’s sexy voice,

Reminding herself Devon was her perfect choice,

Shivers of pleasure splayed down her spine,

Her heart raced madly, ecstasy divine.


Devon looked at her sparkling bedroom eyes,

He certainly had claimed his precious prize,

Devon was smitten; Alex’s beauty was like a scarlet poppy.

Representing the magnificent flowers of Gallipoli.


Romance sparked towards each other from deep within,

Alex, to Devon became his heroine,

“Well now you have welcomed me home from the war,

I will take you upstairs and lock the bedroom door.”


Soldiers returning home to their families at last,

Had difficulty forgetting the pain and trauma from the past,

Crippled! The word echoed throughout Jaxon’s brain,

His life lay in ruins; he would never be the same.


One day his mate Noah brought Jax a placid therapy dog,

Telling him, the dog was trained in an unusual job,

Apart from basic tricks, he could do most things Jax would need,

All Jax had to do was easy, give Jake a good feed.


Jake could hear someone knock quietly on the door,

He would race over to Jax and lift up his right paw,

Jaxon’s life was happy; he now had a loyal friend,

No matter what happens; Jax knew on Jake he could depend.


Could anyone here today, standing in silent memory,

Risk their lives like our heroes of Gallipoli.


Hilda Oakley

Copyright © 05.05.2019

   May 26

Ebony’s Destiny

Ebony lived a dangerous life. She loved abseiling, scuba diving, rock climbing, ice hockey and even partaking in a hiking tour of Mt Everest. Walking bare-foot over hot coals was her ultimate choice. Ebony thrived on these threatening events.

Other sports were not very high on her ‘To Do’ list, but the following games Ebony used when she needed something to fill in her time.

She started with a friendly game of tennis. Then Ebony’s competitive streak came to the forefront, like wanting to join up with the tennis elite. By watching their deft skills, Ebony soon was winning all the tennis championships.

Ebony was bored, she wanted to be brainy and sharp and clever. Out of the blue, Willow told ebony she would share with her a secret, which would enliven her and give Ebony a chance to be a rebel, if Ebony would accept the dare.

“Wow! This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

A high spirited Ebony begged Willow to start to enlighten her of what her news was about.

At first, Willow talked in a soft voice so no-one in the office next door would eavesdrop on Willow’s immensely private conversation. Willow carried on with her narration, only she talked too slowly.

Ebony was anything but patient, telling Willow she urgently needed to know what her task could be.

“Ebony! Be quiet or I won’t say a thing about the new adventure you are to embark on.”

Willow had to change her style of speaking; there was anger in her tone.

“There is a place where you must go. Only a few people know about this intriguing place. Before I go on, you better swear to me not to repeat it to anyone else what I am going to reveal to you!”

“Ebony replied, “My lips are closed ever so tight! I will not tell a living soul. On me you can depend.” Ebony assured her friend.

“Not far from here is a rare hidden place where you have to go, it will lead you to Smuggler’s Cove. Ebony, you have to prepare yourself to search very methodically all around a scarlet flowering tree. Near the bottom of its trunk you will find a large old fashioned key with a note to instruct you, how to find your way to finish your quest.” Willow abruptly stopped to let Ebony know, that, that was as much information as she was prepared to give away at this stage.

Ebony cringed as she listened to claps of thunder as it roared across the heavens, echoing like a sonic boom. Sheets of lightning, an electric blue lit up the sky. Wilder and wilder the wind blew. Rain teemed down that night soaking everything in sight.

Huddled up inside the room at Smuggler’s Cove, Ebony was scared out of her wits, shaking violently. What was she doing in this awful place? She had even switched on her pen-light torch to spread some light into the room.

Ebony had a feeling of impending doom. Her surroundings gave her an absolutely torrid time. Looking around, the walls were closing in. There she sat thinking, this place had become like an enclosed dark, damp, cold tomb.

Ebony noticed an eerie silence in the atmosphere. Chilled to her bones, forever captured here, she was all alone.

Ebony decided she would be better off in her own home. Racing back, Ebony fumbled for the rusty key to open the lock. Out of nowhere a voice said again and again “Coward! Coward!” It echoed in her brain. No-one else was here. Realization came to her that the word came from deep within herself. She must stay; she vowed not to let Willow down.

When Ebony arrived here, she reminded herself the phrase that echoed in her mind. ‘Take up the task and follow it through!’

Ebony remembered why she had come. Her work would start right now. Searching high and low and when about to give up, her eyes lightened on a tiny mound in the clay earth. Scratching frantically, scattered under the soil she found a tiny box. Lifting the lid Ebony saw an old yellowed note book. Reading the instructions, she knew the tunnel she would travel along. The narrow passage on her right was where she would start.

Ebony had no problems as she became adept at walking carefully, dodging obstacles along her pathway. The space was ever so wide as the smugglers made the tunnels for burly sailors to hide from all those in authority.
They were alert and keen, those old men from the sea, when coming into a different way of life.

Wide eyed, she could see a cave where she would be warm, dry and free to stay there alone and enjoy the peace and harmony.

An unearthly scream pierced the silence of the night. Ebony’s face went a deathly white. Knowing no help was nearby. Ebony sobbed and began to cry.

A snake! What could she do now? No weapon could be found. The reptile came closer; it was nearly at her feet. Ebony let out a high pitched shriek!

Eyeing the creature’s every movement as it wriggled closer to her. Ebony burst out laughing as the blue-tongued lizard scurried away.

A grizzled old man had apparently managed to break the code that had kept Ebony out of harm’s way.

Aroused out of a deep sleep, Ebony was wary and defiant. “Get out of here!” Ebony spoke in an angry tone, “Begone and leave me alone!” Ebony would never feel safe again.

She shouted at him. “Get out of here at once; you’re a trespasser on private property. Begone or you will rue the day you came here!”

He was stoic, remaining in the same place.

“My name is Eric. I sought after you. The mission from your people is contained in this letter I hold here.”

Ebony snatched the envelope from the tyrant’s hand. Eric had finalised his task and simply vanished from Ebony’s view.

“Take over my cave. Willow wouldn’t dare!”

Ebony met with Willow. Their code names were to be used from now. Willow’s non de plume was Cerise, while Ebony’s was Cyan.

Cerise requested that Cyan’s cave be available to hide people who needed to be secure and safe. The horror they were to be put through. False papers showed the public, that they were going to terrorise many different towns. Two of their best men were caught. They were lashed, tortured and died in agony.

Cyan buried her face in her hands and wept bitterly. She felt their pain.
Cyan told Cerise it would be an honour to secrete these and other men.

Cyan’s visitors were solemn at first settling into a routine. They enjoyed themselves. Cyan bloomed having these great men with her. Under Cyan’s instruction, all the debris from around outside was cleaned and taken away.
The inside of the cave was spit-polished clean.

Guards were posted in positions outside Cyan’s dwelling place. Three more escorted those who travelled outside the camp. The men on watch were keen and alert.

Those attended to their duty of collecting wood and larger logs, finding edible roots, wild food and herbs for medicine and to spice up a tasty meal.

Arriving back at their temporary home, Cyan told them the bad news. They have to move to where no mankind had gone.

They were being forced into an embarrassing predicament; someone had breached the rules of their private domain. Leaving Cyan with two of their best men for her protection, the rest fled on their way.

Cyan, unknown to anyone, not even the men she sheltered, knew she had a radio. She had removed a lot of the parts and hid them separately. She collected all the parts and like a jigsaw puzzle, re-assembled the high powered wireless.

Taking just a few minutes Cyan was in, she was used to operating a battery operated radio, as she had taken classes in radio operating techniques.

Talking to Cerise, Cyan was furious. Someone had intercepted their code. Cerise, from her end did not know who it could possibly be. Cyan chose to tell Cerise, “We will have to restart encoding on all of our secret notifications and agendas.”

Meanwhile, Cyan informed Willow that they must be alert and watch their backs, making sure they sign off using their non de plume names of Cyan and Cerise.

An emergency suddenly flashed. Cyan answered the dangerous exclamation, not having stripped down their wireless yet, because she had only just finished talking to Cerise five minutes earlier.

Putting her headphones on, Cyan heard a male voice with a rich accent.
“Cyan, is that you with whom I am conversing?”

Very cautiously Cyan spoke, not knowing if the person was friend or foe. Cyan asked in a sharp manner, “How do you know my name? What have you done with my co-worker?”

“Cerise is taking watch over a new group of terrorized men. My name is Paul. I am the leader in charge of this whole organization.”

“How can I trust you?” Cyan replied.

“Only Cerise, I and now you know about Smugglers Cove.”

That was all Cyan needed to know.

Paul was hesitant, he then blurted out. “Cyan! These are desperate times. These are men who were deep undercover, police personnel. Someone let it be known who they really were, cops. Certainly I will take them into my sound-proof hiding place, restoring hope and trust to them.”

Packing up the radio, Cyan would greet her new group of mankind by announcing her name as Cyan. Unlike Cyan’s previous visitors, these men had been interrogated and had their spirits broken. These people were close to her heart, having been in that position herself.

The answer is love, kindness and compassion. Cyan had to be careful; these men didn’t think her caring was pity, but after many months they were settled.
They joked and played pranks on each other, building a rapport with Cyan. They were eager to do her bidding.

Once, then twice Cyan swore some person was watching the campsite. Perhaps she was just getting paranoiac.

Her next call to Paul left Cyan shocked and speechless. Could Paul have been ill informed? Surely it couldn’t be right! It was like a nightmare come true. Again they were compromised, betrayed!

This time Eric promised to relocate everybody to a safer place.

Paul related to Cyan that he had contrived a plan. His bold idea would be to set a trap. “It will only be known to you and me. Nobody else!” stated Paul.

He went on, explaining to Cyan in a harsh voice what his trap would entail.

“You will harbour more men seeking refuge. The group this time will be my hand-picked team.”

Two days later, a motley group arrived at Cyan’s haven. Unshaved, grim faced and arguing amongst themselves. Cyan was amazed at the way these guys could act so well. She hadn’t been aware that most of the men had been in battles for real. So being weary, sad faced and blue, for these soldiers it was not hard to show reality of their lives at all.

For some reason they crowded around that horrible man Eric, who had suddenly become a frequent visitor. More about Eric later!

Slowly life became easier for this uncomplaining, hard working team. These loyal Aussie gentlemen, honest and true, were forever looking after Cyan.

As the cave had been neglected since the others left, her guests set up a chain command post. Nathan was the assumed name he had to protect himself.

They divided up the troops, making the garden bed viable once again. Then it was their cave which needed to be repaired and swept to be spotless and clean.

Time was constantly ticking by; there would be many ruses to catch their prey.
More guards had been recruited this time, not even their mates knew who they were.

Two guards hid in the woods, where they were glad to stay. Two more who were on duty, bound they had lived outside the camp, so their traitor didn’t know who was on his trail.

A meeting was set up to catch the spy. Two of Paul’s men let the spy search the area nearby, in case he had been followed to his weekly spot, calling Gareth and Max to come and do their normal deal.

Stepping from where they had hid, they gave the double agent a useless microchip. They were given cash in return.

“Halt the transaction now!” A voice echoed.

The sly, cunning, no-good man tried to make a run for it, but a bullet ricocheted near his feet which immediately stopped him in his tracks.

“What’s your excuse Eric?” A voice rang out loud.

“I wanted to mix with the rich. They liked me too.” He replied.

“Well now it will be a prison cell for you. What was your motive, didn’t you care at all Eric?” Gareth asked.

“You try living on a pension, see how you would fare!” Eric said with a sneer.

“Guards, take him away! We are all witnesses here today.” Gareth added.

Major Paul then stepped out of the shadows. “Lads, that’s a job well done. As for Cyan, having the cave and extensions completed now, her cave can be utilized for the purpose it was meant for, looking after the broken hearted and those who need a rest.”

Willow would be Ebony’s first guest!

Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 19.05.2019

   May 26

Set Free

T’was night, walking sadly on a stretch of sand,
My broken heart mended by a touch of the Master’s hand,
Peace and serenity healed my hurting soul,
Tranquillity given to me, helped make me whole.

Looking to the heavens I saw a moon lit sky,
Stars like diamonds, sparkling, glittering on high,
Waves gently lapped on the ocean’s shore,
Here I found what I was searching for.

Day by day reliving that experience in my mind,
Here was my answer, it wasn’t hard to find.
A heart-filled life forever hoped,
Of love and grace, together roped.


                        Hilda Oakley
                        Copyright ©24.05.2019

   Mar 11

Melanie’s Mysterious Caller

Melanie’s phone call left Tyler stunned, usually nothing upset her. Her message to Tyler was of a scared, frightened woman. Her voice was shaky, bordering on hysteria, telling Mel to lock all the doors and windows and pull down the blinds.
Tyler finished off with the statement that he would come over straight away.

Arriving on Mel’s estate, Tyler had a gut feeling something was wrong. Tyler checked to see if Mel had followed his instructions on how to protect herself and how to keep safe.

Tyler hid behind the garden shed, moving carefully to avoid being seen. Entering the woods, Tyler found temporary refuge behind the large trunk of a ginormous tree.

All around Tyler, bullets zipped and ricocheted close by. The only reason Tyler could think why he was being shot at was the shooter may have been warning Tyler to stay away from Melanie.

Tyler waited half an hour, he then emerged into the open following a different route back to Melanie’s home, watching over his shoulder and keeping in dark shadows as he crept along. He was grateful it was uneventful that no-one was following him.

Arriving at Melanie’s home Tyler opened the door with his own key. To Tyler’s astonishment and consternation he found Melanie huddled on the couch in the foetal position.

Tyler spoke in a soft gentle tone. “Mel! It’s me, your best mate and friend.”

Taking her hand, he murmured soothing words of encouragement to her. After staring into space for some time, Melanie broke her silence. As she started to speak, her bottom lip quivered and tears started to flow. She sobbed uncontrollably for about twenty minutes, all this time Tyler held Melanie’s hand.

As the sobs subsided, Melanie told him slowly through unshed tears that she had been having weird phone calls for a few weeks.

Tyler said, “You can tell me anything, you are my best friend and best mate!”

Melanie locked eyes with Tyler. Seeing the compassion in his eyes she blushed. Turning her head away, hoping Tyler hadn’t seen her embarrassment.
Helping Mel to sit up, he made her comfortable. She knew what he intended to ask her next.

“Now!” Tyler said, “Tell me exactly what’s happening Mel?”

“Tyler! It’s dreadful. How can I tell anyone let alone you?” She replied.

“Mel.” Tyler told her, “Someone will have to know what’s going on. You can trust me!”

“Well the first phone call of many was heavy breathing. After some time the caller told me things referring to explicit sex and that he wanted me for his partner. Following that he said, I know where you live Mel, I am watching you. How could he know my pet name, only you have that information?”

Tyler was horrified. He showed a blank face to Mel so she didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Listen to me Mel!” Tyler was quite persuasive. “Tomorrow I start my three months long-service-leave, so I will be your personal bodyguard. You will go nowhere on your own.”

Mel questioned Tyler, “How can you mind me and keep me safe all day long. It’s not practicable! You need time to rest.” Mel told Tyler.

Tyler stated that he would be sleeping on the couch, as he would take the night shift. I have eight men, all who have been trained in judo and karate. Each one had earned their black-belt status. This level of belt signifies the wearer had reached a high standard in martial arts.

“Mel exclaimed, “Wow! This information has lessened my fears. Soon this evil man will be caught and everything will be back to normal.”

“She will find out the truth shortly,” thought Tyler. “As these type of men are devious, sly and hard to track down.”

Tyler wanted to know where there was a private place to make mobile calls.

“Try the study, third door on the left!” Melanie told him.

The following are the names of Tyler’s team. First is Dakota, then Jackson, Peter, James, Jordan, Calvine, Jonathon and Evan.

Dialling their unlisted private numbers, Tyler explained the situation to each man. He then told his men the address of where to meet him at 2.00pm that afternoon. Tyler knew that they would work together, as their team spirit was beyond reproach.

As the team assembled, Tyler gave instructions.

Jackson and Calvine’s watch starts at 6.00pm tonight at the edge of the woods.

Dakota and James see to the back of the estate, while Jordan and Peter will cover the left side of the grounds. Jonathon and Evan’s stake-out will be the area to the right side of the house.

As your shift will finish at 6.00am, you will each be relieved by another group. The men in this group are marines who have been deployed and fought in Afghanistan.

Unlike yourselves, their names will unknown to you. Tyler revealed this information, adding he knew each individual as he had dealings with them quite often. They were tough, but would do exactly what he would ask of them. According to Tyler, all the men on watch were equal.

Tyler announced, “Before you leave here, I want to caution you about the man we are after. He is armed and dangerous. I have been trapped in the woods with him. He plays mind-games and is not afraid to use his weapon, so be careful!”

Dakota and Calvine arrived early. They placed a bug in Melanie’s phone and also many more bugs and hidden cameras throughout all the rooms in her house. The equipment was strategically placed to cover the entire facility and outside surroundings.

An unearthly high pitched scream pierced the night silence.

Tyler ran upstairs to Mel’s room. He broke down the door. Melanie was white as a sheet.

“He was here!” she said. “My wildest nightmare had come true!”

“Did he harm you Mel?” Tyler’s voice was raspy with fear.

“He didn’t find me.” Melanie yelled. “I went into hiding in the large wardrobe.

“Tyler!” she shouted at him, “I thought all your men were meant to protect me?
“Can you describe him to me?” Tyler wanted to know.

“He was about six foot tall and had a paunch rounded belly. As for his face, he wore a ski mask.”

Tyler needed an answer. “How did you know it was your phone caller?”

“By what he said he would enjoy doing to me when he found me!” Mel was angry.

“Why did he give up his search for you so easily Mel?” Tyler wanted to know.

“One of your ex-marines shadowed him here. He would have caught the intruder, only that he had smeared grease on his entire body and clothing. Although the soldier was not due for his turn of duty yet, He still rushed to my rescue. He is a true hero in my eyes.” Melanie reckoned.

Tyler was furious that Mel’s caller had made it into her home before being detected. He would blast his martial arts team as soon as he could get them all together.

As the man had long gone, Tyler had time to interrogate the team.

“Which of you slept while on duty?” Tyler demanded.

One of the lads stepped forward. “I found two men lying on the ground. Thinking that they were dead, I shook them to make sure and they awoke. They had been knocked out with chloroform. That’s how the sneaky bastard broke through the ranks!”

Tyler was extremely annoyed.

In all fairness to his men, Tyler spoke about how the scoundrel had crept past him. Tyler told them that when he was on watch, he always had coffee with him. The night before, the coffee had tasted bitter. He was telling them how easy it is to get distracted. He was conversing with one of his men about an important matter, leaving his thermos flask unattended on the front porch for ten minutes. That must have been when it happened. During that time someone must have tampered with my flask.

Tyler was angry about the whole situation.

His team were astonished at what Tyler had revealed to them. No-one moved or talked, their training taught them that in matters like this not to become involved.

“A big change is for tonight.” Tyler said while giving his talk. “Are you up to a challenge? If you are for it, the risk is great and may cost any of you your life!”

“I need fearless men to be on watch in Melanie’s house tonight. There will only be four of you, so you will have to be on guard and be smarter than you were last night. Whatever you’re attempting to do, each agent must protect their backs.” Tyler suggested.

“Are you expecting trouble?” Dakota asked.

“Certainly! After losing his prey last evening, he will storm Melanie’s home tonight. So keep your weapons handy.” Tyler finished what he had to say.

After arranging his men in strategic places, Tyler warned them to be alert and ready for any trickery, if they were to save Melanie and their own life.

Tyler checked his weapons and what the marines carried.

Tyler lay across Mel’s doorway, to keep anyone from crossing the threshold into her room.

It was midnight and the area was filled with tension. Out of the dark night a tiny sound like the squeak of a mouse was heard.

Tyler signalled to his men in sign language to be at the ready.

Inside Mel’s room all hell broke loose. A shot rang out.

Tyler shoved everyone out of the way. Mel was nowhere to be seen. A large man who only had a flesh wound from a marine’s bullet sat on the floor rocking to-and-fro, with a manic grin on his face.

Tyler cussed loudly. “Lock him up in the guest room and guard him well!”

They dragged Ivan to the guest room. They knew him by his first name and they knew him well. With great reluctance, Ivan went to the guest room.

After locking him inside, two armed guards stood in front of the door.

Back at Mel’s house, Tyler found Melanie. Her attire, a classic black dress teamed up with black knee high boots.

Tyler at a loss for words did not have anything to say.

Brightening up, Tyler remarked, “Mel, you look all grown up and so pretty, but why the change of attire Mel?”

“Well, I locked myself in the bathroom. I always leave some of my clothes in a small closet in there, so I chose this frock to wear today.” Melanie explained.

Tyler felt that something was not just right. Mel never liked make-up. Now she had artistically made-up her face. Tyler was puzzled. He must be imagining things.

Returning to the prisoner in the guest room, one of the marines took a meal tray to Ivan who sneered at him. “You think this is over. I will have what I came for!”The psychopath grinned sardonically.

After collecting his tray, Ivan put his plan into action very slowly.

As quietly as possible, he dragged a piece of carpet which had a large pot plant on it. Inch by inch Ivan tugged the stubborn greenery, leaving it behind him there.

What he wanted to do was to get to a concealed trapdoor. On opening the trapdoor, he climbed down a ladder and gently closed the hatch.

There in front of him lay his way of escape.

He chuckled like the manic he was. Ivan remembered what his Grandfather showed him. The underground had various mazes. Ivan found the right key to his freedom. He rubbed his hands with glee.

Ivan felt excited. The temptress would be his. Now he would take her.

Ivan’s eyes bulged. He was going to slap her into submission. Erotic thoughts filled his crazy brain.

Threading his way along the corridors around many corners, Ivan didn’t mind, he was drooling over the fact of the supreme prize at the end.

One of the marine guards was so angry.
“What’s this about?” Tyler asked.

“Our prisoner has gone.” The guards were afraid they would be punished.

Tyler raged on, furious about the situation.

“How! Where! When!” Tyler groaned in despair.

“I don’t know when. Both marines spat out the words. That man had us deceived. He had plotted to outwit every guard and the rules you gave us.”

“Neither of you have told me. How the devil did he get out” Tyler questioned.

Evidently Ivan knew that under a large pot-plant, there was a hidden exit. One marine fired away at him. Also Jackson from your martial arts team intimated that rum smugglers used the very same trail back in the olden days.

“By George! Every man, spread yourselves around into each of the rooms. We may catch the cur again yet, after all!” Tyler boomed.

The sound echoed throughout the room.

Suddenly there was a furore coming from the bathroom.

“What on earth is causing that uproar?” Tyler asked.

“This murdering scum who terrifies women tried to sneak into our house!”

Tyler said, “What do you mean our house Mel?”

“I’m over here Tyler!” said Mel.

“That’s my twin sister Maeve, over there near you.”

“Oh! That explains the difference in clothes and make-up.” Tyler commented.

“Where did you get that stiletto knife from? You have nearly pierced a hole in Ivan’s neck.” Mel asked.

“That’s why I wear boots; they’re a great place for hiding things in too. I even carry a small ladies derringer pistol in my other boot.” Maeve added.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you had a twin sister Mel?” Tyler enquired.

“She was overseas until now. She didn’t answer my emails at first.” Said Mel.

Now it was Maeve’s turn. “What are we going to do with my hostage, Ivan the terror?” She asked.

One of my men contacted the police. They will be here shortly.” Tyler told Maeve.

The next minute the Law came bursting through the door with their guns drawn.

Detective Sergeant Langely-Jones was glad this well known rotter has been caught at long last.

“Thanks to your quick thinking young lady and even faster action, Ivan will spend a long time in prison.”

Everyone cheered. Thank heavens it’s all over!

Tyler spoke in low tones. “Mel, meet me in the study in five minutes?”

When they were on their own, Tyler asked Mel to be his steady girlfriend. Their first date would be at Renae’s Restaurant.

“Yes! Yes!” Mel was so excited.

Out of all of this, at last something good had come to her.

                            Hilda Oakley
                            Copyright © 03.04.2019

   Nov 25

The Return of Colonel Blake

Kai Lam couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Colonel Blake descending from the plane. “How did he get out of jail?”

Yes! It certainly was him. He had plenty of money because both his parents were killed in a car accident. They were both insured and he was their only child and heir in their will.

Kai Lam raced across the tarmac, his heart pounding. He was gasping for air.