Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Oct 02

Outback Challenge

A crack of thunder, lightning flashed across the sky,
The heavens opened wide, sheets of rain flashed by.
The monsoons arrived with torrential force,
The plane’s wings shuddered as it veered off course.

Dark clouds rumbled, turbulence shook the plane,
Tossed to and fro, altitude unable to maintain.
Another flash of lightning, the radio went dead,
The pilot became anxious, as with his voice he said:

“We’re in a spot of trouble! The storm has boxed us in!
I’ll set the plane down; it may just save our skin.”
Scanning the terrain for level ground where to land,
When first starting out this was not what he’d planned.

“Brace yourself firmly for a sudden shock!
Put your seatbelt on and have it on lock!”
With a thud, a screech of metal, then a sudden jolt,
A rocky, rough landing, as the plane came to a halt.

The wild storm dispersed as fast as it came,
Sunshine glistened through, it was hot again.
Searching for a homestead, they followed a creek,
As the day closed in, things were looking bleak.

Sonia, hot and tired, kneeled to splash her face,
Was grabbed by two codgers from a crocodile’s embrace.
A loud snap of jaws as the croc missed its prey,
A churn of muddy water as it went on its way.

One formidable fellow looked a little weird,
With his dirty leather hat and grey bushy beard;
They said that they were stockmen from a property nearby,
A day off work for fishing, barramundi to fry.

The passengers reached the homestead, had a bed for the night,
Informed authorities of their disastrous flight.
But Sonia found some transport, continued on her way,
To seek the little hospital she’d start at today.

Now Sonia is an ER nurse; she’s nursed for many years,
Though she’s in the outback, she’s overcome her fears.
And those of you who journey and experience this land,
May share the heartfelt spirit that the locals understand.
Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 16.08.2013

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