Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Nov 03

Courageous Farmers of Australia

Merciless, fiery heat from the blazing sun scorching everything in its pathway. The dazzling rays heating, becoming hotter, making the temperature incredibly high as it rose to an abnormal peak, searing the crops to the dismay of farmers everywhere who were hard-working in this harsh land.
All they wanted was a good harvest after the effort they had put in. Cultivating, planting many fields.
Suddenly the weather turned against the landowners, drastic and so severe that when green shoots appeared in an impracticable way after struggling through the hardened soil only to wither and shrivel and die in the intense heat.
Large fissures began to crack open in the clay-like earth. With no rain falling, farmers lost cattle and sheep. There wasn’t any feed to be had. As for water, there was not even a spit in the creeks. Trees lost their leaves prematurely. Alas there wasn’t any shade left for humans and creatures to shelter under in the drought. The farmers were extremely upset — in fact, they were devastated. How much longer could they last in this hell-like place?
The farmers didn’t give up. They were strong, deciding to rally around and group together to discuss how to help each other. Combining with their different ideas to survive and exist above their circumstances which they couldn’t control. But they would come up with answers, especially as some farmers under duress and physical and also mental stress took their own lives.
The women of the outback had the authority to influence the farmers. To seek help from trained counselors who would give of their time for free, stating the fact they would certainly be only too pleased to do their part to help such a good cause in the farmers’ time of need.
Others on the land met with those in the same predicament. They would commiserate together, showing loyalty and to give practical advice thereby improving understanding with each other in their predicament.
The farmers gradually became hopeful having inspirational ideas and plans to overcome the situation they were in. Believing they would be victorious over everything. Let me plead with deep feelings from my heart to get beside and along with all farmers to increase their hope and desire to achieve to their utmost. These courageous farmers — both men and women — are the backbone of Australia and heroes to everyone.

© 2018 by Hilda Oakley.

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