Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Oct 27

The Outback Wife

Douglas was a farmer on the North West side,

His premium beef cattle known far and wide,

Former generations, toiled and worked the land,

Inherited and ran it with a firm, strong hand.


A tall, handsome man, with piercing blue eyes,

Sculpted by the weather and his country ties,

A catch for any female, who would share his heart,

And the passion for the country of which he was a part.


One day on business, Douglas travelled to the city,

Where he met his accountant, a lady very pretty,

On impulse, she invited him on a harbour cruise,

With such a tempting offer, how could he refuse?


He continued to wine and dine her every night,

At all times a true gentleman, romantic and polite,

As he chatted to her, he knew she was the one,

Both agreed it felt as though their life had just begun.


After six weeks they married, now a cattleman’s wife,

Renée vowed to love, adore him, every day of her life,

It’s a long way to the homestead, a hot and dusty ride,

A taste of the future for this young city bride.


The first night they slept beneath a bright, beaming moon,

In the distance heard the dingoes howl their mournful tune,

While the tall, red gum trees swayed and protected them below

The stars became their blanket as they slept within its glow.


The homestead, although large, had floorboards worn,

The curtains in the bedroom were faded and torn,

Douglas with his farming, had no time left for much,

Renée recognized the need for a woman’s touch.


Renée had led the good life before she ventured here,

Designer jeans and frilly tops often would appear,

Glancing in the mirror at her long hair and fair skin,

She admired her appearance, with her figure oh so trim.



The women in the district, said she wouldn’t last,

Coming from her city life, there was too much contrast,

The outback station can be a harsh and rugged way of life,

Certainly not the place to bring a young city wife.


True!  Renée found Mother Nature harsh upon the land

And lifestyles in the country were unlike those she planned,

But having Douglas near, tanned, muscular, with dark black hair,

Made negative thoughts disappear with the love that they share.


Douglas rose early, saddled his horse and rode on down,

To muster the beef cattle for the monthly sale in town,

Cook Thelma prepared breakfast, a big help to Renée

With the company of two women as they toiled throughout the day.


One morning after washing, Renée went to make the bed

And pulling back the blankets saw a red-back spider instead!

She gave the pest a mighty clout with her $200 shoe,

And checked there were no others there, to do the same thing too.


She created an oasis, a garden lush and green,

With a variety of herbs and vege used for her cuisine,

Using her home grown vegetables from her tasty crop,

She knew living on the land, was the life she would never swap.


One day she found a ladder and climbed up to the loft,

Discovered there a wooden chest – filled with pretty cloth,

Thinking, they would make nice curtains, sheets and other things,

And in the corner a sewing machine and a box of curtain rings.


Ecstatic and excited with the treasures she did find,

Sewing would now be her love and occupy her mind,

Working hard at sewing, though the days were hot and long,

The butcher birds from outside entertained her with their song.


Renée, though a Vaucluse girl, city born and bred,

Now living in the country helps to bake her own bread,

President of the CWA, meeting ladies from all around,

Finding there one trusted friend, a pearl that she had found.


Waiting patiently for years, her dream at last came true,

Excitedly told Douglas, she knew he’d help her through,

A little one for the farm!  So thrilled, on a wonderful high,

She can now proudly look all the doubters in the eye.


Renée’s time was very near; the midwife had just come,

Assisted Renée through the birth, and delivered her a son,

Dressed baby Joshua in clothes that Renée herself had made,

And lay him down beside her to bond and not be afraid.


They are all a happy family, Renée’s world is complete,

Proudly showing off their son to everyone they meet,

She is part of this country, has found her niche in life,

To Douglas she truly is the perfect outback wife.


Hilda Oakley

Copyright © 04.06.2012


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