Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Oct 27

Seasons of Life



Autumn is a wonderful time for me,

With the brisk cool mornings, I feel so free.

Spending lazy days in the warm midday sun,

There’s no racing around to get things done.


Staying in bed does have its appeal,

But I have to get up to prepare the meal.

Burning autumn leaves in a small open fire,

The crackling flames flicker higher and higher.


The days appear shorter, though the hours the same,

The sun’s lost its warmth, it’s beginning to rain.

There are crops to get in; there are cows to be fed,

It’s time to prepare for the cold months ahead.


I walk along slowly with my friend Molly,

I’m mobile again, while pushing my trolley.

Though my hair, now, is a silvery grey,

My life is full, I like it that way.


Autumn leaves falling, scattered everywhere,

A covering of gold, beauty we can all share.

I admire the transformation as I cross this land,

I know it was designed by the Masters hand.


Hilda Oakley

Copyright © 27.05.2013


Seasons of Life




Spring is the time when everything is new,

Shaking off the winter blues.

Green shoots emerge, blossoms colour the trees,

Saplings sway to and fro in the warm gentle breeze.


New born lambs frolic in the midday sun,

Their lively young life has just begun.

Birds chirp out loud as they build new nests,

Preparing to hatch their next wee chicks.


Oh!  The beauty of the brightly coloured flowers,

Blossoming after gentle rain swept showers,

Everything sparkles fresh and bright,

They glitter and shine in the dappled sunlight.


In the park, the lawns are lush and green,

All the gardens make a stunning scene.

Everywhere new flowers burst through the ground,

The beauty I see leaves me spellbound.



Hilda Oakley

Copyright © 01.06.2013

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