Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Oct 27

Miracles Do Happen

We brought her home from the Adoption Society,

That was the best thing ever.

She was nervous and timid at first,

Gradually she settled down.


It was at eighteen months of age,

That the doctors realised something was wrong.

Our son lived in a world of his own, and his skills were slow for his age.

“Autistic!”  The doctor’s words rang in our ears.


They were exhausted and at their wits end,

Trying to get through to their son.

On his fifth birthday they adopted Mischka.

Their son liked her immediately.


They became very good mates, playing happily together.

One day, his mother thought she was hearing things,

She called out to her husband to come quickly,

She was so excited.


They both listened intently – and heard their son’s first words.

Cccccat!  Nice ppppussy!

What elation and joy!

Adopting the cat was the best decision they ever made.


Hilda Oakley

Copyright © 10.09.2012

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