Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Oct 27

Life on a Lonely Planet

You can’t see the pain in my mind,

I carry my burden, a heavy load,

I need someone who’s gentle and kind,

As I walk this long and lonely road.


I’ve sunk into a dark, dark hole,

No-one out there knows of my plight.

Can someone help this wounded soul?

And guide me into hope and light.


There are times when I feel I cannot cope,

I search every corner, looking to see,

If I can grasp onto a small grain of hope,

I need someone to hear my silent plea.


There are times the skies are a brighter hue,

I’m glad of these bright sunny days,

My spirits uplifted, it helps me through,

Brightens my life in so many ways.


As I face up to my past and present fears,

Peace invades my world all around,

Wiping away all the built up tears,

I feel renewed on this hallowed ground.


Here I muse upon events of the day,

Then I look to heaven, stars twinkle on high,

I wonder deep down why I live this way,

When there’s a friend on whom I can rely.


Life got complicated; I needed a new start,

Australia!  That’s the place to be,

A complete change to heal my broken heart,

The more I thought about it, it beckoned me,


I now live only five minutes from the city,

Enjoy the forest reserve out the back,

I love the environment, flowers and the greenery,

There is nothing in this world that I lack.


The lantana, wild tobacco and gum tree,

Are alive with bower bird, lorikeet and cockatoo,

Attracted by the fragrance and beauty,

In safety, they can hatch a family or two.


I really love writing short stories,

And doing poetry, that one day may become,

One of my greatest enthralling mysteries,

And because of it, may one day help someone.


Hilda Oakley

Copyright © 15.09.2013

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