Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Apr 12


On hearing a noise outside, Emily raced downstairs.  She had been burgled twice before and wasn’t going to let it happen again!

Grabbing the rolling pin, she flung the door wide open.

At first it seemed no-one was there, until she heard a soft cry coming from a basket that had been placed on the front doorstep.  Having a closer look she noticed a note pinned to a rug.  On the note was written, “Please find a good home for my two darlings as I am unable to care for them!”

“Oh my goodness!” Emily went into shock.  “How could anyone just dump two adorable twins like these?  And in the middle of a storm!”

Emily named the twins Stormy and Gale.  Every person in her small village supported her, as the twins were very demanding, needing four hourly feeds.

Quickly they grew, bonding with Emily.  They were absolutely beautiful with their piercing blue eyes.  They also loved to play and have their hair brushed.

The little ones became very close.  As they grew older they’d go out walking in the rain or snow.  Their thick coats kept them warm.  Stormy was very bright and energetic, while Gale was quiet and reserved, not an extrovert like her sister.  They loved playing rough and tumble games together.

Then one day it happened.  Stormy egged Gale to come along with her into the forest, further away from their home.  It would be a great adventure with the unknown lurking around every bend.

How wrong she was.  The adventure turned to a disaster.

As they ran and jumped through the forest, they disturbed a sleeping snake.  Raising its head in anger, it struck Gale.  She cried out in pain and fell to the ground.  Stormy, without any hesitation, raced as fast as she could back towards their home.

As she neared home she met Emily coming along the bush track looking for them.  Emily was worried that they may have wandered off and got lost in the thick undergrowth.  Stormy made Emily follow her.  Emily knew straight away that Gale must be in some kind of trouble.

Reaching Gale, Emily noticed she was losing mobility in her legs.  She looked her over and found two puncture marks.  Removing her scarf, she tore it into a bandage, and tying it tightly around the punctured leg, she carried Gale home.

Arriving home, Emily noticed Gale was hot and sweaty.  She ran a cool bath and placed Gale in the water.  Being miles away from civilization, Emily felt so isolated in this crisis.  She prayed that someone would hear her plight.

Battling against all odds to save a life, Emily held back her emotions and fears.  She put into practice the knowledge she had learnt from her nursing years.

Emily was really wondering deep down if Gale would pull through this terrible ordeal.

It suddenly occurred to Emily that she hadn’t seen Stormy for awhile.  Where could she be?

x                           x                           x                           x

Stormy was on the run again.  She felt scared and guilty.  Hiding from Gale was meant to be fun.  Her feet were terribly sore and bleeding.  Guilt was filling her mind.  She was feeling down and forlorn.

In a flash stormy knew what to do.  Return to Emily, who was always gentle and kind to her.  But would she forgive her?

It’s only then that Stormy would feel free of the burden of guilt she carried.

x                           x                           x                           x

Several days passed.  Gale pulled through.  It left her very weak. She fretted for Stormy, who was still missing.

Once more the people of the village rallied together.  People who hadn’t talked to each other for years congregated together for a common cause, to find Stormy quickly before the winter snow set in.

x                           x                           x                           x

Stormy was limping badly needing help, but where could she go?

Cooking odours wafted through the evening air from a camp fire nearby.  There sat a wrinkled, hunched up old woman.

Stormy stopped for a moment to look at her as she stirred food in a pan.  The woman sensed she was being watched.  Turning, she saw Stormy.  “Now where have you come from little one?” she asked.

Stormy felt excited hearing a friendly voice.  The woman attended to Stormy’s needs.  She rubbed ointment on her sore feet and gave her something to eat.  After they were both fed they felt drowsy and drifted off to sleep.

Waking early in the morning they ate leftovers from the last night’s dinner.  They walked together for a short while heading in the direction of Stormy’s home.

x                           x                           x                           x

“Coo-ee!”  “Storm-ee!” echoed throughout the forest.

At long last Emily had found her.  They raced toward each other and Stormy leapt into Emily’s arms.  Emily enveloped her in a huge hug.

Arriving home, Emily ran a soothing bath for Stormy, and then treated her with a special meal.  From a slow start, Stormy began to heal.

It was now late in the evening and Emily put the twins to bed.  She still felt that she had somehow failed them.  She checked on them again before she retired to bed.  Both were sound asleep.

The twins still live with Emily, their company equal to none.  She is so happy that they are both on the mend, for their young lives have just begun.

This traumatic adventure into the forest cured Stormy of any inquisitive desire of ever wandering away from her home again.  Gale remained her shadow.

Because Emily had clung to hope, a true miracle happened in her life.  Both of her huskies are with her now, safe and well.


Hilda Oakley     Copyright © 23.04.2012

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