Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Apr 12


Coming from the castle dressed in her maid’s clothes,

She ran away as far as she could, she had a need to blend.

Her clothes being the truth of her royalty, her presence insignificant,

Her desire, to be accepted as one of the people.


Even though she was so young, she sensed the difference,

between her royal position and the common person,

The wearing of the maid’s clothes symbolized for her,

A connection to the roots of all humanity.


Nearly treading on a wounded bird.

Picking it up and talking to it softly, it settled down.

She felt a real close connection,

between its fragility and her escape.


Her face, fresh and smooth as peaches and cream.

Bright eyes sparkling as the stars.

As for her copper coloured hair, it glowed,

glistening like the sun on the western plains.


She has lips like the colour of cherries,

Enhancing her natural beauty.

Her eyes see, and her ears listen to her newly discovered world,

And what it has to say to her.


Her dress billowed out as soft clouds,

Love flowed around her as a gentle breeze.

Yet, when one takes a closer look,

There reveals another side of her.


There the young princess stood, pure and innocent as an angel,

Clasped in her hands a dove, the symbol of peace and serenity.

Her picture, captured on canvas forever,

A portrait of love, peace and harmony for all to see.


Hilda Oakley      Copyright © 27.08.2012

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