Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Apr 12

A Troubled Heart

Deep down in the valley, lonely and forlorn

Darkness consumed Kate’s soul.

Storm clouds resounded overhead,

Threatening, shaking the blackened heavens.


Uncontrolled negative thoughts invaded her mind,

A feeling of hopelessness, despair

Her mind trapped in a deep, dark abyss.

Would anyone listen to this lost, depressed soul?


Teetering on the very edge of a precipice

Would she find a glimmer of hope,

A tiny chink of light?

Soon the answer would come.


A small ray of sunshine squeezed through the dark clouds,

The green of trees and bubble of brooks she could see,

The dark abyss came to life, with a wee splash of light,

Her spirits revived, restored, she felt free.


As love is the answer to all, peace filled her heart.

The clouds then divided, light pierced through,

Her thoughts changed, her mind revitalised,

Her prayers answered, she felt anew.


Looking to the heavens, a miracle came that day,

The skies cleared, Kate saw the light.

The darkness dispelled, her spirits soared,

The freedom of light was her joy.


Hilda Oakley         Copyright © 18.02.2013

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