Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Apr 12

A Cherokee Legend

In the beginning there was an eerie silence.  Then came the sound of ice breaking, cracking, smashing during a howling storm.

Coming out of the darkness of the doom and gloom, bright stars were formed bringing forth warmth and light.

The ground became covered in boiling, bubbling pools of hot mud.

Heated from a great fire, burning fathoms below in the very bowels of the planet.

It spewed forth huge bursts of revolting, smelly steam and stinking, slimy, muddy matter, high into the sky.  It came plopping, splattering back down again into the boiling mud pools only to be heated and ejected again.

A giant grasshopper struggled through the hot muddy stench.

I was the first one to come through the universe.

I am the beginning of all life.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving.

Nature has a way of evolving, of twisting and turning.

Coaxed on by moisture and heat, little green shoots emerged through the rich volcanic earth.

I am the oceans, tossing, swelling and receding.

I am the one who created this planet.

I am the universe.

I am Mother Earth.


Hilda Oakley         Copyright © 10.12.2012

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