Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Jan 22

Golden Stories now available in the Kindle store

Golden Stories

Golden Stories USD $2.99

Hilda’s collection of Short Stories, entitled “Golden Stories” is now available on the Amazon Kindle store for purchase and download to your Kindle, Kindle software and Kindle apps for all platforms.

Hilda Oakley has created a wonderful collection of short stories to intrigue and captivate readers.

Her many years of experience writing poetry and short stories have culminated in this classic collection.

Mysteries and drama stories will keep you entertained.

BUY NOW Only USD $2.99!

Story excerpts:
Crashing thunder, howling winds, bolts of lightening lit up the sky like fireworks on display. Destruction of flora, uprooting of trees, a mini cyclone leaving havoc in its wake. Hissing rain poured over the dry earth, pounding down, echoing on the tin roof.
Petrified, yet exhilarated, Lyla was wide eyed in amazement. Tingles of excitement splayed down her spine. She loved the wildness of storms, Mother Nature in all her fury.
One word covers it all. Addiction. The addiction of an archaeologist to find an archaic relic from ancient times. This was his first dig, his ‘Baptism of Fire’ so to speak. It was a time-consuming, painstaking task. He may not find a tomb or a mummy, and some of the finds may be grim to the ordinary person, but to the archaeologist the rewards can be great, unique and even unbelievable.
Here there were no comforts of home, just sand and more sand.
The wail of a siren filled the air. An ambulance screeched its way to the emergency room at the local hospital. Inside was a man who had been injured in a motor cycle accident sustaining horrific head injuries. Arriving at the hospital, some-one yelled out, “Get the crash-cart!”
Before setting off, his sister, Caitlin, had told him to be careful.
Sam was out for a cruise on his Harley. As he was riding, he became aware of a car that appeared to be trailing him. Alert to the danger, Sam tried to take evasive action, when he was rammed from behind by the car. Sam was flung head first over the handlebars and onto the bitumen road.
A few minutes later the joyful atmosphere was shattered when a runner shouted out, “There’s been an accident!”
“Oh my God! Not my daughter!” James gasped.
“Please Master, hurry, hurry!” he yelled.
Arriving at the accident, James saw Renee lying face-down, looking pale and wan.
“Oh Lord, don’t let her be paralysed!” James whispered.
He carefully picked up his daughter and placed her on the horse. He then walked beside her, leading the horse home.
No-one here knew her past. Looking and feeling great, she mixed with other girls in her group. She shivered with excitement; she was mixing with the cream of the crop.
Melanie was very careful with her money, as she had been frugal for so long. She knew the money she had would have to last her through to the end of her nursing course. Rather than buying expensive meals, she ate simple fare. Occasionally, she would buy expensive clothes, bargain hunting at exclusive shops. It gave her such a thrill.
Wide eyed in amazement, she was hungry to learn. She was carrying a secret deep within her heart. Not even her best friend knew.

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