Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Mar 12


A vision of rare beauty in silken foam,
A sensual mermaid bathed alone,
Rainbow bubbles floated through the air,
Spangles of sunlight sparkled in her hair.

A lustrous mirror gilded with gold,
Sunbeams shone around her, bright and bold,
Rainbow coloured prisms float through the air,
Gossamer baubles glow everywhere.

Fragrant aromas waft in the breeze,
Tantalising, alluring, from the goddess of the seas,
Her voice so pure with melodic delight,
An aura surrounds this mysterious sprite.

Adorned with Mother-of-Pearl shells,
In the glowing moonlight her story she tells,
Stars sparkle to light up the night sky,
Iridescent colours shimmer on high.

The moon beams through the twinkling stars,
As waves break over shallow sand bars,
So when sparkling foam glistens on the sand,
It may be from a mermaid who bathed near our land.


Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 22.07.2010

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