Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Jan 06

The Enchanting Sea

She’s an exciting Mistress, windswept, forlorn,
Moody, tempting, brooding up a storm,
Angry, tossing spume filled spray,
Treacherous, alluring, turbulent waves.

Daring you into a challenge of intensity,
To conquer the wild rebellious sea,
White water, ginormous, thrilling to ride,
Breakers swirl and crash with the ebb of the tide.

I rushed into the water to defy the odds,
My doubts and fears in the lap of the gods,
Cracking on a wave I rode on a swell,
Twisting, clinging on the edge of hell.

A boost of adrenalin made me high,
I fought the elements scanning the sky,
Then the sea became calm once more,
I made my way to the sandy shore.

Exhilarated I ran upon the sand,
To me this was a magical land,
The panoramic view of the surf and the sea,
With the smell of salt air is calming to me.

Hilda Oakley
Copyright  © 01.01.2009

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