Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Jan 06


Remember our boys, who travelled by sea,
To fight on the shores of Gallipoli,
Remember our lads, who paid the ultimate price,
Fought for their country, lost their life.

Hearing about the atrocities of war,
It touched their hearts to what they saw,
Encouraging Australians to enlist, to make a start,
Join-up, you can make a difference, do your part.

They reached the front line; they faced their fears,
Gunfire and grenades echoed in their ears,
Bombers roared above, their target they could see,
Dropping their load with pinpoint accuracy.

By day and by night the big bombs fell,
The ground trembled; it was a living hell,
With determination, courage, and with mates, they knew,
It was a challenge, but they would see it through.

Alert to danger all around,
As they lay hidden on the ground,
Remember these highly trained men,
Fighting this war to the bitter end.

Remember our men, suffering in pain,
Wanting to be healed, to fight again,
Remember our loved ones, who never came home,
A father, a brother, a son of your own.

Sitting holding his head in his hands,
Recalling the battle in faraway lands,
In the ferocious encounter, amongst all the strife,
His buddy, his best mate, lost his life.

The war is over, the “Last Post” sounds,
Their best friend lies covered, beneath the ground,
Never again to feel the sun on his face,
His sacrifice ending in a better place.

Remember those soldiers, who kept our country safe and free,
Remember, those were the ones protecting you and me,
Now stop for a solemn minute, bow your head,
Remember those, whose blood was shed.

Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 11.11.2009

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