Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Jan 06

Peace and Tranquillity

Clinging to a branch near a raging waterfall,
A brightly coloured bird, so delicate and small,
Claws gripping tightly to a twig from the rock,
So calm and unruffled, away from its flock.

Plumping up its feathers on his fluffy chest,
He bursts into song, the melody his best,
White water spray, cascading down,
The tiny creature knows he won’t drown.

Though it seems, an unlikely place to be,
He’s contented and peaceful, perched on the tree,
His joyful singing touched my heart,
Challenging me to make a new start.

Here, there is a lesson, in the midst of strife,
To ride the stormy waves, that happen in our life,
Facing the future, learn one thing,
In times of stress, be like the bird and sing.

Kneeling down, quietly to pray,
A miracle came to me that day,
Tensions freed, burdens released,
Bringing forth happiness, serenity and peace.

Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 30.11.2009

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