Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Jan 06

Our Military Heroes

Remember the first Anzacs who journeyed by sea,
Onto the shores of Galipoli,
Young, fit, courageous men, standing proud and tall,
From Australia and New Zealand, they answered the call.

Our Drill Sergeant, powerful and strong,
Trained, skilled and ready to get the job done,
A fire in his belly, no fear he had,
Trained and protected each of his lads.

Leading the new recruits, showing the way,
How to dodge enemy bullets in the affray,
He was patriotic and ready for war,
Ill prepared for the carnage and atrocities he saw.

Under cover of darkness the barges hit the beach,
Wading ashore, protection out of reach,
Gunfire roared down on us from the cliffs above,
We immediately moved each and everyone.

Beneath these cliffs, across the sand,
Here we dug in and made a stand,
Horrendous, putrid, rotting stench,
Squashed like sardines in a trench.

The word to ‘advance forward’, came that day,
Orders are orders, we had to obey,
Climbing from trenches, scrambling through mud,
Passing the wounded covered in blood.

Many hours later, tired and worn,
We stopped for a break at the light of dawn,
Heads were counted, one was gone,
Sarg backtracked and did the search alone.
Finding the soldier lying deep in the mire,
Pinned down by enemy, sniper fire,
Anger ran through him, he had to try,
To rescue the new recruit, no one knew why.

After shooting the sniper out of the tree,
He ran to the young lad instantly,
Another bullet went astray,
The sergeant was killed that very day.

The horrific news came, the lad was his son,
Shock in the camp, it touched everyone,
In the spirit of camaraderie, mateship grew,
Bonding together to get them through.

Many Anzacs were killed on that perilous day,
They became a legend in their own special way,
Their pride of their country, they paid such a price,
We will forever remember their great sacrifice.

Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 08.03.2009

Today we come together to remember each and every Australian and New Zealand Service Person in each and every war, but today we honour and remember those men who were the reason for today’s celebration, Anzac Day.  The young men the ANZACS, who paid the ultimate price in giving their lives, to help keep our country safe and free.
We will remember them.

“Lest We Forget”

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