Hilda Oakley

Australian author and poet

   Jan 06

Natural Aromas

Strolling through my garden on a bright sunny day,
A vision of beauty, colourful, exotic and rare,
Viewing with pleasure, the bright flowers on display,
Beautiful scented perfume wafting in the summer air.

Meandering along the pathway where red roses entwine,
Is a love-seat, nestled in a corner, so serene,
Romantic and alluring, here the sun always shines,
With vines cascading down glistening and green.

The weeping willows hang lowly, their arms outstretched I see,
Its canopy, a refuge from the sun,
The welcoming branches spread peace over me,
A haven where birds flutter and have fun.

Following the stepping stones, pine-trees growing tall,
Exquisite orchids flower and bloom so bold,
Precious are these plants, the loveliest of them all,
Worth much more to me than gold.

Here the native plants, untouched by human hand,
Elite, unique, like from a treasure chest,
T’was only I that knew of this rich volcanic land,
Where nature thrives and produces it’s very best.

My one desire in life is passionate and diverse,
To preserve the forests and keep our country green,
In awe and wonder I look, to the creator of the universe,
For making the world naturally pristine.

Hilda Oakley
Copyright © 27.09.2010

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